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Insurance for Umbrella Organisations and Associations
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  Insurance Solutions for members of
Umbrella Organisations and Associations
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  Examples of covers:

Property, contents and equipment
Loss of Income
Personal accident
Motor insurance including minibuses
Public and products liability
Employers’ liability
Fundraising, Events and cancellation
Overseas and UK travel
Trustee Indemnity
Professional Indemnity
Fidelity Cover
(staff or volunteer dishonesty)


  umbrella organisations and associations
As an association or umbrella body with member organisations, one of your key objectives is likely to be finding ways to help and support your members who have valuable assets, people and liabilities that need protecting. Acquiring reliable, comprehensive and cost-effective insurance can be a daunting prospect for them.

As experts in the sector dedicated to looking after charities’ insurance needs for over 80 years, we are experienced in running insurance schemes for the members of associations and umbrella organisations and can develop and provide a bespoke branded scheme for your organisation.

This means your members have a helping hand to ensure they have access to good quality insurance from a trusted partner provided by people with a charity background and who understand what they’re all about and will take the time to help them.

Such a service will:

  • Provide a valuable support to your members and free up their time and resource to focus on the more important aspects of running their charity;
  • Add value to your offering as an association or umbrella body and enhance your brand and relationship with them;
  • Help with your membership recruitment, retention and income strategy; and
  • Potentially also create an income stream for your organisation through a commercial partnership with us should you wish.

Unity Insurance Services can provide a range of flexible options
Whichever way your association or umbrella organisation and your insurance programme is structured, Unity Insurance Services can provide a number of options ranging from a bulk policy for the entire base to a completely flexible voluntary scheme for your members for their individual needs under your branding or a combination of both.

Additionally we can provide a wide range of marketing support to help communicate the programme and additional risk management advice and services to help your members.

As well as meeting your organisational goals, your members will have the reassurance that the insurance they are buying is endorsed by you giving them peace of mind.

Furthermore 100% of our profits are donated back to charity, so you and your members will be helping to support the sector.

With our long standing experience and insight from working with umbrella charities and associations, Unity Insurance Services can provide you and groups and members with bespoke cover, more favourable terms and in many cases better protection for less money.

Call us for a discussion and see how we can help your organisation.

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